Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Big Bark Theory

Setting up a booth today at The Big Bark Theory(Wags and Whiskers Grooming Salon Mason Oh) . I usually don't do booths at events because they usually aren't worth the time, effort and money you put into it as far as attracting new clients. But today I'm doing this to promote Therapy Pets Unlimited. I love therapy dogs and the work the teams do so I agreed to set one up here. I'll post pics too. Hope the rain holds out as I have an outside booth with no tent. I'm sure it'll be fun and I'll get to meet lots of folks and their dogs. And I have lots of people and dog treats to give away. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh, no! A broken tooth!

Finally happened. A bad day at work. Dog jumped up, hit my mouth and broke my front tooth. It's a crown so it cracked all the way up. I won't gross you out with a pic. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. I would cry. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it was not a dog in my class. It was a dog that used to be in my class but the owner decided positive training was not working for her dog (***sigh***) and she went to a trainer from the dark side. Paid $1500 to him. A YEAR AGO. Dog still has no manners. Sheesh.... So in my classes we do learn: sitting politely for petting, greeting other people with dogs, not jumping on people among other things. It's important. Very important. SO YOUR DOG DOES NOT KNOCK PEOPLE'S TEETH OUT! Dentist and his office were super!!!! (Yay-Dr Slonnaker!!)  He is trying a temporary fix but warned me it may not hold as it is cracked all the way up. So needless to say when I see that lady and her dog approaching me, I will run, not walk the other way.    

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tulip always makes me smile!

Tulip is such a sweet dog. She's always happy and loves her job of guarding the premises. She is nothing like Mary and Smokey but a pyr none the less. She's timid of strange people and dogs. And also of strange places. We will work on this but she is who she is. I did not have her as a puppy like Mary and Smokey. We socialized them and walked them and took them to classes. Tulip came from a strange situation, a  shakey situation. Was shoved in my truck with her just born pups with no vet records, food or anything. She's come a long way and I believe she trusts me. We still work on trimming nails. She does come when called now if she can see a reason for it. Lol. Most things are on Tulip's time. So her training classes will be called Tulip's Training Time.

Fun Puppy Park Classes

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Day In The Life

Yesterday was a busy day for your dog trainer. First a private in home at 9am. Way early for me. I'm barely up at 9:30, let alone shower and across town by 9am. Whew. But a delightful, smart dog and awesome owners doing a great job so a good way to start the day. Then a Flash Class at the park at 12:30. What's a Flash Class you might ask? It's a one topic quick class when I have a block of time to fill. 75 Mins $15. I announce them on social media a couple days in advance. Then on to the Family Pet Center for 3 Puppy Classes which included 2 graduations. Last my Help for Reactive Dogs Class at 6pm at the park. At least there weren't too many reactive dogs and they weren't too reactive. Then I went home and collapsed. Literally. But I truly love what I do, I don't have too many days like that, and the weather was great so there you go.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pups behaving very well!

Here's the team of Bear and Bruno working hard with mom. They are adorable German Shepherd pups. Love that they started early as pups. Love when folks start their pups off right with puppy training. I hate when I get that call down the road when the dog is really misbehaving and they have not done any training yet and the dog is 3,4, or more years old. Teaching dogs what we want them to do at a young age is so beneficial. Once bad behavior becomes a habit, it is so hard to teach them the right behavior. Socialization is another benefit of puppy classes. Love when folks socialize their pups to lots of people (all ages and kinds), lots of dogs (all ages and kinds) and lots of places and objects. Hate when I get the call the dog hates kids, dogs and all other kinds of things. It is very hard to socialize an older dog. If not impossible. So all this to say: get that puppy into positive, force free puppy classes today!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Starting a new blog today. I am having a hard time accessing and updating my old one so here's a new one for you. Hope to blog more frequently and give you lots of info and help. So I'm looking foward to classes tonight in the park. Hope the rain holds out. See you there!