Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Shocking!

Shock collars. Why. Just why. You don't have to hurt your dog to train your dog. Period.

And that begs the question: why do no kill rescues need to use shock collars to train dogs in their care? A local rescue (and there's probably more) proudly boasts the dogs up for adoption are trained. And you clearly see the shock collar on them. Are they so ignorant as to fall for the slick shock collar trainers lies? Don't they read all the info out there on how harmful they are both short term and long term? There are many articles, links, websites, pics and more to back me up.

Do they not know many countries ban shock collars as inhumane? It boggles my mind. It really does.

My warning to you, dear dog owners, is to be aware! Don't fall for the lies-it doesn't hurt, it's just a touch, a tickle, your dog is completely trained off leash now that you use this E(read Shock)collar.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Read about how harmful they are, what damage they cause, and JUST DON'T USE THEM. Find a positive force free trainer to help you. Don't accept less.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Fatal Trip on the Dark Side

A dog lost her life. Why should I care? Because she was a past student in my classes. Beautiful, playful and full of life. I just found out today that her owner put her down. I still can't believe it.

Let me back up and give you the "rest of the story". 

She started off right in my puppy classes, graduated, and I even made some visits to her home. Regular puppy stuff-jumping, biting, getting into stuff. I've had pups from this breeder before in my classes and they do very well.

But the owner expected perfection. Now. So she goes to one of the worst trainers in town. Notorious for his pain inflicted training. Pays him many times what she paid for my classes and proceeds to train her with pain. You know, prong collar, jerking, yelling and who knows what else. Grown people fear him as he is so mean. Folks walk out of his class, shocked at how he trains. 

This goes on for months, maybe even a year. So now she lunges, snaps ,growls at the owner when she attempts to get her out of her kennel. Diagnosed with a Neurological disorder, owner puts her down.

Both you and I know different. The punitive, fear based training ruined her relationship with her owner. And what's more, someone saw this early on and tried to buy the dog from her. Cash right now. Nope. I would have taken her at anytime along the way. Nope. Never got another call. 

I'm heartbroken, sad, angry, and disgusted. Makes me sick actually. She put her trust in this trainer. It cost her dog her life. I will always remember you, Aspen.