Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Late night thoughts: What's it like to retire?

It's pretty much like being on vacation but it never ends. I'm just semi retired right now so I'm still teaching in home consults. But other than doing the grandma gig, my day and time is my own. I don't feel pressed or stressed to get somewhere on time every day. It's really quite wonderful.

I miss all my clients and their dogs. I miss the friendship and connection. But I still run into folks all the time, even at the grocery store. And if you have issues or challenges with your dog, I still teach private in home (or park or store) consults. Just call/text/email or pm.

My dogs are enjoying more time with me. We're doing some brushing, training and nails. Sage is feeling under the weather so he's getting pampering. He's going on 11 and a half. He's the old guy. Mac's my baby and Tulip my girl.

Grandbaby growing like a weed. Being a single mom sucks. I was one and now my daughter is one. At least I got support from baby daddy for her. They are still close today.

My last Therapy Dogs in Training classes start this weekend. I love teaching that class. So glad I get to be a part of their journey. So many from previous classes have gone on to be Therapy Dogs. So proud of them all.