Sunday, January 14, 2018

On raising a puppy

Yep. I went and did it. 2 weeks ago yesterday. 15 weeks old. Pyrenees pup. Named him Prince. I wanted something regal, positive, strong. I thought about the different princes:Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles, Prince (Purple Rain Prince) and Fresh Prince of Belair. And still liked the name. He gets called everything from pup pup to the baby to Princey.

He's so sweet and delightful. Just what I needed. 4 mos and 41lbs-he's going to be big. Really big.

He's learning every minute so I have to stay on top of my training game. Just today he went out back with Mac and Tulip for the first time. It went well in the snow but I supervised carefully. Tulip weighs twice as much or more than him. And you know she is the Queen. I took it slow for her sake. And his. I didn't want to stress him or scare him at this vulnerable time of his life.

He just has this look of devotion in his eyes. I just can't ever be mad at him. I positively interupt him and redirect. And for whatever reason he LOVES praise and petting. Even more than treats. I found that hard to believe when folks told me that about their dog. But I swear it's true with him. After he potties he sits and looks at me to pet and praise him. He waits for me to go out and in before him. He's got the puppy eyes down pat. And it works...

He loves to forage and shred. Sage was my shredder. Any chance he sent Prince my way?

He has his own page on Facebook The Amazing Adventures of Prince The Great Pyrenees Puppy. Follow his training adventure and see all his pics there.

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