Friday, January 19, 2018

I call him clever.

I hate when folks label their dogs. It sometimes, no, most times is a prophecy come true. I hear: stubborn, naughty, bad, evil (seriously?), dominant and more. So I start off with positive labels instead. Prince? He's clever, curious, handsome, friendly, problem solver, motivator and tenacious if it's something he wants.

Helped me take down my Christmas tree today. Sort of  an unorthodox way though. He wanted to be in the kitchen with the big dogs. So he leaped over the barrier, knocking down the tree, leaped over that and was in the kitchen.  So it motivated me to take the whole thing down. And to be more creative in barrier building.

At night I put all his toys in a box. In the morning he takes great joy in taking them all out and chewing on the box. His favorite? His foxy we call it. Second favorite? His Kong with a Himalayan chew stuck in it.

When he's out with the big dogs, he just runs and runs. Level of recall=0. We're working on it. I need more high powered treats because that snow is calling him. Big time.

We will be starting puppy classes next week. Oh boy! 🎓

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