Saturday, February 4, 2017

Missing Nitey

Nitrox passed away Jan 13 this year. He was 14 years and 2 mos. He was part chow and part lab. And he was a barker. That's what I miss the most. Food time-he'd bark. First up in the morning-he'd bark. At Buster the lab chow that looked like his twin-he'd bark. Even broke a tooth fence fighting with Buster. Buster crossed the bridge Jan 16 2012. Nitey and him must be making up and playing right about now. Barking their heads off because they can. Funny that's what I really miss. Sage misses him too even though they weren't the best of friends. Sage barks, and howls but nothing like that annoying, lovable lab chow bark. Run free guys. Run like someone left the gate open. And know that you are loved and missed. 💔

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